Seven-card star spread

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The seven-card star spread is described in How to Read Tarot Cards, where it's called the "Magic Seven Spread." It is not widely popular, but is the default for the Edifying Fellowship generator because User:Mskala likes it.

Follow this link to use the seven-card star spread in the Edifying Fellowship generator

Card positions[edit]


Card 1: The past. Previous conditions that lead to the current situation.

Card 2: The present. Where the querant stands at this moment.

Card 3: The future. The direction this situation is headed - not so much as a prediction of unknowable future events, but the course currently set by what is occurring at the present time.

Card 4: The "type of vibration that the querant must learn to handle," or competence they should develop, in order to master the present situation.

Card 5: Environmental factors; other things going on at this time that may not be directly part of the situation described in the reading, but that have relevant effects.

Card 6: Forces in opposition to the querant's interests; obstacles to be overcome.

Card 7: Overall result, summary, or synthesis of the information described in the previous cards.

Although such analysis is often flawed, those wishing a fast and simple yes/no or go/no go reading can count upright and reversed cards in this spread, with the central seventh card counting double, to see which one wins: more upright votes positive answer, more reversed negative answer, equal (bearing in mind the double counting of the centre card) inconclusive.