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Contributions to this Wiki from the general public are welcome, but please attempt to keep new material in harmony with existing material and with the overall plan for this Wiki.

  • This is not Wikipedia.
  • Contributions here are public domain. Do not contribute here if you are not both willing and able to release your contributions in this way. Understand that "public domain" is an extremely comprehensive release; when you contribute here you are agreeing that what you write can be used by anyone, even commercially, and even without credit, and you will not have the opportunity to take it back in the future.
  • Do not use the phrase "based off," which is an abomination. If you mean "ripped off," say that, but "based" goes with "on." Similarly, there is no "s" in "anyway."
  • The canonical name for a card page is the name from the Waite deck minus any associated "The"; thus "World" (not "The World"), "Ace of Pentacles" (not "Ace of Coins") and so on. This is intended partly to make alphabetical lists in category pages more useful. However, for cards that are commonly referred to with "The" we'll add redirects; and also a suite of redirects from Coins to Pentacles (Waite's name for this suit is common only in decks derived from his). Card names that do not map cleanly (e.g. Crowley's "Princes" and "Princesses") will have their own articles.
  • We do not censor words like "fuck"; we do not censor nudity. Any material sufficiently pornographic or objectionable that we would get in trouble if we straight-up used it without an effort to censor, would still get us in trouble with an asterisk or mosaic anyway, and thus should not be posted at all.
  • Do not violate copyright, but also do not bow to overreaching copyright demands that go far beyond what the law actually requires.
  • Don't spam. This Wiki is sponsored by North Coast Synthesis and ads for that site may sometimes appear here; it's also possible we may set up paid ads to defray server costs, or to offer promotional opportunities as a reward for people who contribute in some meaningful way. Advertising and promotion from unrelated entities, or from anyone who has not made a prior arrangement for it, is not allowed.