Ace of Cups

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The Ace of Cups represents the beginning of the story arc that develops over the ten cards of the suit. As such, everything in the image is fresh and new, and that combined with the emotional associations of Cups is key to the divinatory meaning: new life, new love, new feelings. There is uncertainty here, as with any new project, and in the embryonic form shown by this card, whatever new feelings exist are still inside one person's heart. The complexity of emotional connection with other persons comes later in the cycle. Here, it might be said, the heart is still painting with primary colours.

The dove in the image can be interpreted as a Christian reference, if that's relevant to the particular querant, and it brings a concept of motion to the interpretation in any case. This card is sometimes interpreted as representing travel, but it would definitely be travel for personal reasons - not a business trip (which comes under another suit).